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Welcome to the home page of:

Phil Appleton

NHSC Project Scientist and Team Lead

NASA Herschel Science Center (NHSC)

California Institute of Technology

Recent Research Highlights

Powerful Mid-IR Molecular Hydrogen Emission from Compact Groups and Radio Galaxies
A New Galaxy Population?

Stephan's Quintet (Press Release)          fig2

           Stephan's Quintet : Green shows the position of the giant intergalactic              Spectra taken by the Spitzer Space Telescope IRS
           shock wave which is created as NGC 7328b collides at > Mach 100                 instrument showing the spectrum is uniquely that of
           with gas in the group. Very powerful  molecular hydrogen is detected                molecular hydrogen with little else seen in the spectrum (Appleton et al. 2006).
           from the shock wave  (L_H2  ~ 10^41 ergs/s  or ten times the X-ray                 Since these observations we have discovered more than

           luminosity locally from shock).  Appleton et al. (2006) ApJL, 631, L51              10 radio galaxies with similar spectra and even brighter H2 (Ogle et al. 2006).

Collisional Ring Galaxies in the Ultra Violet and Infrared with Galex and Spitzer

Observations with Spitzer and Galaxy are providing a multi-wavelength
view of these collisionally induced ring galaxies caused by a small galaxy passing
through the center of a larger disk, creating a series of expanding waves of star formation.

   rings        cart

Spitzer Press Release: The Cartwheel Ring at many wavelengths                             A Multi-wavelength image of the Cartwheel Ring Galaxy

Galex Press release and Podcast

This page last updated June 7 2007