To be filled out by requestor and emailed to system administrator.


Allow 5 working days from date submitted to administrator for account

to be set up.


Today's Date: __/__/__ Date Needed: __/__/__


User Name:


Home Institution:

Home Institution EMail Address:

Home Institution Phone Number:


Primary Group:

Secondary Groups:


Account Deactivation Date (1month default): __/__/__


IPAC Collaborator/Contact:

Visit Dates (if applicable): From __/__/__ To __/__/__

IPAC Room # Assigned (if applicable):

Login Desktop System Assigned:


Account Type (Check one):


___Generic Visitor ___Email:

___ISO Add to these mail aliases:

___ISO IPAC Visitor Add to these mail lists:

___ISO PI Group* ___Add POP Server Access for Non Unix Systems

___Remote Remote mail system alias:

___SSC Default Shell Home Server/Quota Add. Server Access

___Staff ___csh (default) ___Bigbang/100 _________________

___tcsh ___Blackhole/20 _________________

*specify members ___Chomsky/100 _________________

in comments section! ___Desperado/none _________________


Comments: ___Spider/20




Account Authorization:___________________________


Filled Out by System Adminstrator:


UID#: Password Status And Aging: Security Fields:

GID#: ___cleared until first login Min change:___days

Passwd: ___account is locked Max change:___days

Registration Date: __/__/__ ___no password - setuid only Max interactive:___days

Account Deleted: __/__/__ ___Normal Password Expiration date: __/__/__

Warning: ___days