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NEW: Pleiades paper and data from Stauffer et al., 2007, ApJS, in press.

If you are looking for the Open Cluster database created by Charles Prosser and myself, click here.

I am the "System Scientist" for the SIRTF Science Center at Caltech. SIRTF (Space Infrared Telescope Facility) is the last of the NASA "Great Observatories", and is currently scheduled for launch in July 2002. I am also a CoI for the IRAC camera - one of the three science instruments on SIRTF. Finally, I am Project Scientist for the Submillimeter Wavelength Astronomy Satellite SWAS which is centered at the The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

When I have some spare time, my primary research interest is in various aspects of the evolution of low mass stars, and in particular low mass stars in young open clusters.

Current Research

My long-continuing research interests are in the rotational velocity evolution of low mass stars and in the search for brown dwarfs in open clusters. I have also been involved in a large effort to obtain ROSAT observations of most of the nearest open clusters. With my collaborators Lee Hartmann and David Barrado, I have recently completed papers which estimate the age of two of the most prominent "Beta Pic" stars. Another recent paper used the Keck observatory LRIS spectrograph to determine lithium abundances for brown dwarf candidates in the Pleiades, and from the location of the "lithium depletion edge" derive an accurate age for that cluster. Many of the brown dwarf candidates observed for that program were selected from deep imaging surveys of the Pleiades described in two other recent papers (one by Bouvier et al. and the other by Stauffer et al.)

Papers and Publications

This is a collection of some of my work. If you want to know what I work on, have a look. Abstracts from recent papers: If you want to look at the whole paper, the easiest way to do that is to go to the NASA ADS website and do a search for papers by J. Stauffer in the appropriate date range. The references for the above papers are:
  • Barrado, D, et al. 1997, ApJ 475, 313.
  • Stauffer, J., Hartmann, L., and Barrado, D. 1995, ApJ 454, 910.
  • Stauffer, J., Schultz, G. and J.D. Kirkpatrick. 1998, ApJLett 499, L199.
  • Bouvier, et al. 1998, AA 336, 490, 1998.