The 1000 Brightest HIPASS Galaxies: H I Properties
Koribalski, B. S.; Staveley-Smith, L.; Kilborn, V. A.; et al. 2004AJ....128...16K

Data loading steps

  1. Associated literature:
    refcode 2004AJ....128...16K
    data table downloaded table 2 from CDS

  2. Read associated literature to learn about the nature of the dataset:
  3. ASCII and FITS (incomplete) files were provided by Dr. Koribalski, sotred in FROM_AUTHOR/
  4. Using the perl script, we obtained the info.txt file:
    	:~> perl ~/research/NEDsp/Codes/ -ext=log -col=2,3 -units=HI_km_s,Jy ./FROM_AUTHOR/ASCII/*.log
    	:~> /bin/rm FROM_AUTHOR/ASCII/*.txt
  5. Object names (names.txt) are extracted from table 2 (table2.dat) of the published paper, then cross-matched with the info file info.txt using the script
        :~> perl ~/bin/ -keepall -m -sep="\t" names.txt info.txt > LOG_FINDdiff_1
    The results are in names.txt_info.txt.common and any unmatched lines are reported in LOG_FINDdiff_1:
         names.txt               info.txt
         HIPASSJ0532-67          HIPASSJ0531-67
         HIPASSJ0943-00a         HIPASSJ0944-00a
         HIPASSJ1037-38          HIPASSJ1038-38
         HIPASSJ1116-35          HIPASSJ1116-34
  6. Object positions (pos.txt) are extracted from table 2 (table2.dat) then converted to decimal degrees using the script
    	:~> perl ~/bin/ pos.txt > pos.txt.deg
  7. Since the HIPASS catalog is already in NED, the NED format names of galaxies should be easily confrimed with the perl script
        :~> perl ~/bin/ names.txt
    Only one name failed to correspond to a NED name: HIPASS J1616-55. With near position search, this should corrspond to HIPASS J1618-55 in NED.

  8. Next, we rename the ascii files with the associated NED names, command list in rename.

  9. We then use the scripts: and to "re-"generate the NED-ASCII and VOtable files:
    	:~> perl ~/research/NEDsp/Codes/ -col=2,3 -units=HI_km_s,Jy  DATA/*.txt
    	:~> perl ~/research/NEDsp/Codes/ DATA/*_NED.txt
  10. Finally, after all the metadata are collected, the content of the EXCEL file: metadata_table.xls is copied into a text file (named metadata_table.fin), used as the input to the loader script
    	perl metadata_table.fin
  11. This script also generate the input file for the script which makes the previews, invoking the -line switch:
    	perl -line