LVL Optical Data Project

Weekly meeting
Star Edit JPEGs
Comparison of Round 1 star edits to Final star edits

Star-Forming Region Identification

Visual ID Check of star-forming regions
Visual Check of Source Extractor Parameters

Star-Forming Region LFs

LF comparisons
LF-Galaxy Property trends
Bin Center Experiment
LF comparisons with Different Dust Corrections

Distance Simulations

Distance Simulations: NGC0598
Distance Simulations: NGC0300

SDSS Transformations for Galaxies

SDSS to Vega

Observing at WIRO: Wyoming InfraRed Observatory

Observation Procedures
Trouble Shooting the Telescope
Submit Night Report
View Recent Night Reports

Observing at Kitt Peak: BOK 2.3m

Kitt Peak HODAR
LOTIS (Wind Sensor)
WIYN & 4m Weather
Observation Procedures

Finder Charts

Finderchars: Landolt Standards
Finderchars: Spectro-phot Standards

Status Pages

Data Properties
analysis progress

Data Processing Procedures:
WIRO Reduction
CTIO 0.9m Reduction

Galaxy Sample Properties

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