Eclipsing Variable Standards

Three calibrator fields have been found to contain secondary standards that are eclipsing binaries. These stars were not rejected because of high dispersions since they mostly remain at a constant magnitude with occasional jumps during eclipses. Light curves for the two stars follow. Included are sequential scan plots (magnitude vs # in scan sequence), light curves (magnitude vs. Julian Day), and for one, the phased time plot (magnitude vs. Julian Day modulo the variable period).


RA, Dec (J2000): 224.22949  -44.58312

J ~ 11.27; J-K ~ 0.3; delta J ~ 0.2


RA, Dec (J2000): 225.12081   -0.43498

J ~ 13.58; J-K ~ 0.53; delta J ~ 0.3



RA, Dec (J2000):  246.78770  -24.19996

J ~ 12.43; J-K ~ 2.6; delta J ~ 0.7



This is the second discovered in this same field. It's not as dramatic or as frequent as s90009_01, but the flux drops appear real and are not correlated with the eclipse dates of the previous binary (thus it's not just a correlated calibration problem).

RA, Dec (J2000):  246.86061  -24.43157

J ~ 13.00; J-K ~ 1.15; delta J ~ 0.2

R. Hurt, Last updated 5/4/00