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I'm a member of the Caltech professional staff at the the Spitzer Science Center, which is part of IPAC, JPL and Caltech. I am an instrument scientist associated with the Infrared Array Camera (IRAC). Specifically I designed much of it's operational calibration program and the data reduction algorithms that go with it. I am also a member of the SWIRE science team. Current projects include:

I specialize in optical and (particularly) near-IR imaging, with an emphasis on high spatial resolution techniques. I have considerable experience with the use of deconvolution algorithms (while at IPAC I helped with development of the HIRES process) and adaptive optics techniques.

I used to work on supporting the WIRE (Wide-Field Infrared Explorer) mission. I also used to work at the Big Bear Solar Observatory. I spent several years with the Infrared Army at Caltech and at IPAC, and was a graduate student at the University of Hawai'i's Institute for Astronomy. While working as the IRAC liaison scientist I spent a lot of time on remote assignment at Goddard Spaceflight Center and Harvard.
My thesis was a study of the evolutionary connection between ultraluminous infrared galaxies and optically selected quasars. Specifically, I carried out a high spatial resolution imaging campaign with HST and using ground-based adaptive optics techniques to examine several complete sample of ULIGs and quasars. These observations at UBIHK demonstrated clear merger morphologies, young star-forming clusters, and QSO-like compact nuclei in the ULIGs. Similar features were also found in many quasars. Warm ULIGS
Warm ULIGs

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