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Note that many other publications are available on-line but are stored at different sites (like astro-ph). Please see my CV for these. There are also some presentations (posters, oral talks) on my science page.

pdf.gz (0.7 Mb)
Surace, J. & Sanders, D.B. "HST Observations of Warm Ultraluminous Galaxies: QSO Host Progenitors", ESO Conf. Proceedings, 1996

Ph.D. Thesis
Chapter 1
(0.1 Mb)
Surace 1998 Ph.D. Thesis, University of Hawai'i. Each chapter is a gzipped pdf file.
Chapter 2
HST/WFPC2 Imaging of Warm ULIGs
Color Figure
ApJ Paper based on Chapter 2
Chapter 3
(1.5 Mb)
Near-IR Imaging of Warm ULIGs
ApJ Paper based on Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Optical/Near-IR Imaging of Cool ULIGs
Color Figure
Chapter 5
Optical/Near-IR Imaging of PG QSOs
Color Figure
Chapter 6
(1.3 M b)
U-band Imaging of ULIGs and PG QSOs
Chapter 7
(3.7 M b)
Conclusions: The Merger Time Sequence
Appendix A
(36.7 Mb)
A High Spatial Resolution (HIRES) Study of Close Interacting Galaxy Pairs in the Revised Bright Galaxy Sample
Appendix B
(0.7 Mb)
Deconvolution Techniques Applied to Ground-based Data
Appendix C
(0.1 Mb)
Derivation of Colors
( 0.1 Mb)