I have been involved in several different overlapping educational venues. This page is divided into three sections, Public talks, Webmastering, and Education and Public Outreach.

I have received awards for my outreach efforts:

Public Talks

I really enjoy giving public talks - it's important to me to share what I do with the general public.

Want me to come give a public talk to your group? Email me!

Links related to my public talk on Spitzer.

Links related to my public talk on rotation in young stars.

Education and Public Outreach

I'm interested in astronomy education in general, not so much teaching in a classroom but rather disseminating scientific knowledge to the public, and specifically to teachers. Given the section above, as you can imagine, a lot of my outreach work has involved the internet.

Starting in 2005, my most recent outreach effort (beyond public talks, above) has been with the Spitzer Teachers program which morphed into the NASA IPAC Teacher Archive Research Program (NITARP) in 2010. (I'm now the director of it too.) I've had a team every year since 2005. These projects always result in science and education AAS posters, but once in a while, they result in journal articles.

In 1995-1996 I helped found these two groups:

I have also participated in these venues:

list of astronomy outreach links


I design easy-to-navigate, content-rich websites. This means I don't use Shockwave or really any Java, but it also means that my pages are maximally accessible by the most people, including kids in classrooms on old computers working over modems.

I used to be (2002-2006) the content webmaster for the Spitzer Science Center (SSC) public web pages (as distinct from Spitzer [general public] web pages). It retained the overall basic design structure (and look-and-feel) of the original pages that were in place when I got here, but I overhauled and rearranged things, and I worked constantly to make sure the content of the pages is all up-to-date. I also created/maintained several more groups of pages that are all internal to the Spitzer project. Now I only look after a few groups of pages.

I've been a webmaster in various ways more or less continuously since 1994. Other groups of pages I designed (but no longer maintain) include these, most of which have changed since I last touched any of them (c'est la web):

I've also done many smaller and/or more specific web pages which I have not listed here.

Hints for good (IMHO) hypertext. I have some rather strong opinions on what makes a good web document. This dated document still pretty much summarizes the philosophy behind all of my web design.

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