WISE Science Data System
Subsystem Interface Specifications Description
(WSDC D-I002)

I. Introduction

Subsystem Interface Specifications (SIS) are documents that describe the format and content of output files generated by subsystem/modules in the WISE Science Data System (WSDS). Any output file that is read by another WSDS subsystem/module, or that will persist on disk in the operations archive after a session of processing is completed for later use in system trending or data analysis should have a corresponding SIS. The output file described by a SIS may be tabular, image or other formats.

The list of current SIS documents and their corresponding WISE Science Data Center (WSDC) document number is maintained in the WSDC Document Tree.

II. SIS Designations

SIS files shall have the naming convention:     xxxNN

where xxx is a three letter designation refering to the subsystem/module that creates the file described in the SIS, and NN is a two digit number that distinguishes different SIS's from each subsystem module. For example, icl01 is the first SIS for the Instrument Calibration (ICAL) module.

The table below gives the proposed three letter SIS designations and their corresponding subsystem/modules.

Table 1 - SIS Designations
xecSystem Executive Subsystem (EXEC)
ingScience, H/K and Ancillary Data Ingest Subsystem (INGEST)
sfpScan/Frame Pipeline
iclInstrumental Calibration Module (ICAL)
mdtMultiband Detection (MDET)
rexPosition Reconstruction Module (PRex)
phtSource Photometry Module (WPHOT)
cogPhotometry Curve-of-Growth Module (WCOG)
artArtifact Identification Module (ARTID)
ssoSolar System Object Association Module (SSOID)
pclPhotometric Calibration Module (PCal)
mopWISE Moving Object Pipeline Subsystem (WMOPS)
mfpMultiFrame Pipeline
fcoFrame Coaddition module (COADD)
quaQuality Assurance Subsystem (QA)
arcArchive Subsystem (ARCHIVE)
fpgFinal Product Generation Subsystem (FPG)

III. SIS Contents and Formats

[Under Construction]

WSDS Subsystem Interface Specifications should be ascii text files that contain clear descriptions of the format and contents of files created by each WSDS subsystem/module.

1. Header Line

Each SIS should start with a single header line of the form:

WISE Software Interface Specification; designation; (WSDC Document Number) (Date) (version number)


Following are examples of SISs describing text and image format files:

IV. List of Current and Planned WSDS SISs

Table 2 contains a listing and brief description of SISs that currently exist or that are planned. Documents that exist in at least draft form have a WSDC Document number listed in the third column. Click on the document number to view the SIS.

Table 2 - List of Current and Planned SISs
Desig.WSDC Document
EXECxec01D-I168Incremental Survey Coverage Report
INGESTing01D-I104Ingest Metadata for QA
 ing02D-I106Level 0 frame pixel statistics
 ing03D-I152Level 0 FITS image header description
Scan/Frame Pipesfp01D-I102FITS frame header input specification for WISE co-adder: level-1b products with refined WCS
ICALicl01D-I101Level 1a frame mask bit definitions and format
 icl02D-I123Level-1a intermediate image products from instrumental calibration (format and content).
 icl03D-I160Metadata for tempcal calibration products.
 icl04D-I105 QA diagnostics/metrics/plots
 icl05 not used
 icl06D-I137QA metadata for dynamic responsivity map generation
MDETmdt01 Detection List
 mdt02 Sky Background Image
PRexrex01D-I116SFPRex Metadata (SFMD) file (includes updated position info)
 rex02D-I117Reference vs. Band (RvB) statistics table; used for distortion fitting
 rex03D-I118Single-frame merged point (SFMP) file; used for QA and input for Multiframe processing
 rex04D-I119Unused reference file (UREF); includes 2MASS reference stars contained within frameset that are not used in astrometric solution.
 rex05D-I131BMD = Bundle Meta-Data file containing bundle-related MFPRex parameters (one file generated for each iteration of each bundle)
 rex06D-I132FMD = Frame Meta-Data file containing MFPRex refined frame position data (one file generated for each core frame during MFPRex wrapup)
 rex07D-I133CVEC = Correction VECtor file (one file output for each iteration of each bundle; serves as input to next iteration)
 rex08D-I134OLDS = OverLap Difference Statistics file (one file generated for each iteration of each bundle)
 rex09D-I135BvB = File of Band-to-Band difference pairs generated by SFPRex (one file per frameset)
 rex10D-I161Parameter Covariance (PCOV) file
WPHOTpht01D-I107Table of photometry
 pht02D-I113WPHOT metadata table
 pht03D-I111Differential source counts as derived from WPRO (LogN vs. mag). One per band.
 pht04D-I112Binned pixel distribution for star-subtracted images generated by WPRO. One per band.
 pht05D-I166Source information table updated to include artifact identification and photometric calibration.
COGcog01D-I127COG Output Curve of Growth Sources Table
 cog02D-I128COG Output Median COG and Aperture Corrections Table
PCalpcl01D-I108Frame Photometric Calibration System output file
 pcl02D-I109Primary photometric calibration star list
 pcl03D-I110SPCal metadata.
 pcl04D-I114FPCAL frame-level metadata table
 pcl05D-I115Scan-level photometric zero point values for four bands
 pcl06D-I120All source matches to calibration stars for a scan. QA supporting output.
 pcl07D-I129Scan zero-point QA information.
 pcl08D-I130No longer used.
 pcl09D-I136Zero points derived for a scan to be inserted into the Calibration Database.
ARTIDart01D-I122Source table with artifact flagging (cc_map, cc_map_str, cc_flg) parameters
 art02D-I156Table of latent parents on a frame brighter than threshold magnitude
 art03D-I157Schema of sqlite3 databases of accumulated latent parent sources - per anneal
 art04D-I158Artifact summary metadata table
SSOIDsso01D-I145SSO Orbital Elements File
 sso02D-I146SSO ssoinit/ssoid Intermediate File
 sso03D-I147SSO Three-Epoch Ephemeris File
 sso04D-I148SSO/WISE Associations File
 sso05D-I149SSO Meta-Data File
 sso06D-I151Planetary Satellite Data File
WMOPSmop01D-I169Minor Planet Center-formatted astrometry report for objects discovered by WMOPS (.mpc)
 mop02D-I170Per-tracklet source ID list (.mpc.sids)
 mop03D-I171Summary report of the SSOID comparison data & statistics (.rpt)
 mop04D-I172List of tracks that contained mixed or noisy tracks of objects identified by SSOID (.relog)
 mop05D-I173List of objects identified by SSOID that did not yield WMOPS tracklets (.detlog)
 mop06D-I174MPCOID orbit fitting routine output (.els)
MultiFrame Pipe   
COADDfco01D-I125Level 2a/b single frame distortion corrected and interpolated intermediate image product formats and header content
 fco02 not used
 fco03 not used
 fco04 not used
 fco05 not used
 fco06 not used
 fco07D-I121Level 3 QA diagnostics and metrics table
QAqua01D-I103PSF shape characterization from scan-synchronization frames
 qua02D-I159QA Frame Grade file
 qua03 Multiframe input criteria
 qua04 FPG input criteria
 qua05D-I165QA Scan Grade File
 qua06 QA Coadd Grade File
 qua07 MFP QA checksum metadata
 qua08D-I167Quicklook QA Anomaly Report
 qua09D-I175Ecliptic pole reference source tables
ARCHIVEarc01D-I138Level 1b Source Data Table Archive DB Interface Specification
 arc02D-I139Level 1b Frame Metadata Table Archive DB Interface Specification
 arc03D-I140Level 1b Calibration Match Data Table Archive DB Interface Specification
 arc04D-I141Level 1b Calibration Frame Metadata Table Archive DB Interface Specification
 arc05D-I142Level 1b Calibration Scan Metadata Table Archive DB Interface Specification
 arc06D-I143Level 1b Solar System Object Match Data Table Archive DB Interface Specification
 arc07D-I144Level 1b Solar System Object Frame Metadata Table Archive DB Interface Specification
 arc08D-I150Level 1b Image Frame Metadata Table Archive Image Service Interface Specification
 arc09D-I1532MASS PSC Association Matches File Interface
 arc10D-I1542MASS PSC Association 2MASS Non-Matches File Interface
 arc11D-I1552MASS PSC Association WISE Non-Matches File Interface
 arc12D-I162Level 3o Source Data Table Archive DB Interface Specification
 arc13D-I163Level 3o Coadd Metadata Table Archive DB Interface Specification
 arc14D-I164Level 3o Image Frame Metadata Table Archive Image Service DB Interface Specification
FPGfpg01D-I124Level-1b products: headers/metadata for archive.
 fpg02D-I126Level 3 Atlas Image products: headers/metadata for archive.

Last update - 30 October 2009
R. Cutri - IPAC