Internal C&R Definition

The purpose of this analysis is to determine the INTERNAL completeness and reliability of the point sources produced through the 2mass pipeline.
This was done by comparing sources from given sets of calibration scans, running them through a 'confirmation' process.
Those which were found within a 2" radius and were within 1 magnitude were considered a match.

For this analysis, completeness and reliability are defined strictly from the number of confirmations.
Maximum number of confirmations is 6.

All sources with > 3 confirmations are considered 'true' sources.
Sources with < 4 confirmations are considered 'false' sources.

Completeness only involves sources that have number of confirmations(Nc) > 3 (6 max)

            C = 1 - (number_missed_scans/total_scans_available)

Reliability refers to all sources

            R = number_true/(number_true + number_false/6)

                  number_true = all sources with Nc > 3
                  number_false = number of extractions of sources with Nc < 4

Internal C&R Results

Results for 971116n. 980114n. 971110n. 971205n. 980125n.

Comments and feedback: Sherry Wheelock
Last update: 03 November 1997