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Image Gallery: The Tadpole Galaxy

Optical-infrared panchromatic view of the Tadpole Galaxy (UGC10214), the result of a collision between two galaxies. Tidal forces during the merger result in the formation of a tadpole-like tail. The image is a composite combination of eight SWIRE bands (ordered from blue to red colors): U-band (0.35 µm), g-band (0.485 µm), r-band(0.62 µm) i-band ( 0.77 µm), IRAC-1 (3.6 µm), IRAC-2 (4.5 µm), IRAC-4 (8.0 µm) and MIPS-1 (24 µm).

Click here for a larger image with maps of the individual bands shown on side panels.

Images by Dr. Tom Jarrett and the SWIRE team.

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