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SWIRE-Related Institutions and Groups

The Infrared Processing and Analysis Center.
The Spitzer-Space-Telescope Science Center (SSC). The SSC is the Spitzer-Space-Telescope equivalent of HST's STScI.
California Institute of Technology, a parent organization to IPAC and SSC. IPAC and SSC are located on the Caltech campus.
Jet Propulsion Labratory, a parent organization to IPAC and SSC.
IRSA, the Infrared Science Archive. IRSA is an integral part of the SWIRE data system.
CASS UCSD, one of the organizations involved with SWIRE.
The WIRE Project. WIRE was a satellite lost in 1999. It was designed to map a significant amount of the sky at 12 and 24 microns, and it's mission was similar to that of SWIRE. The list of culprits (the science team) is very similar to that of SWIRE.
SpARCS The SpARCS Collaboration: The Spitzer Adaptation of the Red-Sequence Cluster Survey

The Other Spitzer-Space-Telescope Legacy Projects

  • GLIMPSE (Galactic Legacy Infrared Mid-Plane Survey Extraordinaire)
  • GOODS (Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey)
  • c2d (From Molecular Cores to Planet-Forming Disks)
  • SINGS (Spitzer-space-telescope Nearby Galaxy Survey)
  • FEPS (Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems)

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