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SWIRE Data Release 2 now available (22 June 2005)

This data release includes data products for the ELAIS-N1, ELAIS-N2, XMM-LSS, and Lockman fields, and totals more than 33 square degrees. The new ELAIS-N1 data products completely replace the first ELAIS-N1 data products released 28 October 2004 (which should no longer be used for any purpose). The release will be in stages, beginning on June 22 with the mosaiced IRAC and MIPS images and IRAC 3-color jpegs.

By August 2005 additional data products and documentation will become available. These include multi-band optical data for more than half the area covered by Spitzer. There will also be searchable bandmerged optical-IRAC-MIPS24 catalogs, using the IRSA Gator utility. Also to be released are separate source lists for all three MIPS bands, and a new data release paper.

June 22, 2005

July 25, 2005

First SWIRE Public Data Release (28 October 2004)

SWIRE has made its first public release of data (these products have been superceded by Data Release 2). The version 1 data products for the ELAIS-N1 field are released, including catalogs of Spitzer sources and both Spitzer and optical images.
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