IRAC Artifact correction code

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Muxbleed tiger team

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About Me

I am currently a staff scientist at the SIRTF Science Center working on the IRAC instrument support team. Before that, I was at Boston College and worked for the Air Force Research Laboratory generating mid-infrared images from the SPIRIT III radiometer aboard the Midcourse Space Experiment (MSX).

MSX Picture Gallery

The Midcourse Space eXperiment (MSX) was a Ballistic Missle Defense Organization satellite which contained a 35 cm infrared telescope with 4 mid-infrared arrays at 8.3, 12.1, 14.7 and 21.3 microns. MSX surveyed the entire Galactic plane from -5 to +5 degrees in latitude, the regions not observed by IRAS, selected start forming regions and galaxies, and a selection of comets and asteroids. The PI for these experiments was Dr. Stephan Price. Most of the data reduction was carried out by a handful of individuals working with/for the Air Force Research Laboratory. Among them are Don Mizuno and Tom Kuchar at Boston College and Mike Egan and Russ Shipman both formerly of AFRL. Here is a link to gallery of pretty MSX pictures.

Research Interests

Infrared and UV studies of the diffuse ISM, dust composition and properties, millimeter, submillimeter and infrared investigations of molecular clouds, formation and destruction of molecular clouds, Galactic structure, star formation, and development of astronomical software

Current Projects

Older Work

Here is link to a pdf version of my thesis (580Kb gzipped).

Outside Interests

Soccer, basketball, cooking
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