• HST Observations of Warm Ultraluminous Galaxies: QSO Host Progenitors, ESO Conf. Proceedings, 1996
  • Presentation on results from imaging QSO host galaxies (2/26/01)
  • Poster given at Granada QSO Host Galaxy meeting (1/8/01)
  • Presentation given at the Pasadena AAS in June 2001 on Ultraviolet Imaging of IR-Luminous Merging Galaxies.
  • Poster given at the Spitzer New Views Meeting, 2004 on IRAC imaging of ULIRGs, including Arp 220.
  • Poster given at the 2005 Winter AAS, on mid-IR number counts.
  • Poster presented at the 2019 Planetary Defense Conference in College Park, describing the NEOCam image simulator.
  • A YouTube video talk on the NEO Surveyor image simulator made for the 2021 IAA Planetary Defense Conference. You can also download an extended abstract.
  • 2021 DPS iPoster on the NEO Surveyor image simulator.

I was suddenly drafted to talk about Chandra observations of the galactic center for UPN. I would have worn a better shirt if I had known.