SERVS is the Spitzer Extragalactic Representative Volume Survey. Deeper and narrower than SWIRE (18 square degrees vs. 50), but wider and shallower than COSMOS. Mark Lacy is the PI. SERVS will take a complete census of the population of massive galaxies in the redshift range ~1-6 within a volume of ~0.8 cubic Gpc, large enough to overcome the effects of cosmic variance. SERVS is particularly well-suited to the study of environments.

Data processing occurred at IPAC. Jean-Christophe Mauduit performed the actual work. Together we are working on a project to understand the (clustering) environments around AGN and star-forming galaxies. The image below shows a comparison image from SERVS (left) and SWIRE (right) at 3.6 microns, in the ELAIS-N1 field.
DEEPDRILL is a related warm Spitzer program. DEEP DRILL extends the area of three of the SERVS fields to cover the area of the pre-defined LSST "deep drilling" fields, which are also the DES deep drilling fields. As of 2017 all of the DEEPDRILL data has been collected by Spitzer and processed in Honolulu.