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All SWIRE Spitzer image data is now released.

This data release adds the final remaining fields (ES1 and CDFS) to Data Release 2, and additionally adds the data formerly embargoed by the GTO program in the Lockman Hole. Otherwise it is supplemental to DR2. No changes were made to the EN1, EN2 and XMM data. As of now, all Spitzer data from SWIRE is available.


SWIRE imaging products consist of several parts:

  • Coadded mosaic images, one per each of the four IRAC bands (3.6, 4.5, 5.8, and 8 microns). The data are supplied for convenience in the form of ``tiles'' of roughly one degreee in size. There are also associated coverage, mask, and uncertainty images for the Spitzer data.
  • Three coadded, mosaiced images, one for each of the MIPS bands (24, 70, and 160 microns). These are supplied as one image for the entire field.
  • Optical images in five optical bands (UgriZ) where available. These data are tiled like the IRAC data.
  • Mini-mosaic images (binned coadds of the data) useful for understanding the data coverage. See the readme.
  • Pseudo-truecolor images made from the IRAC 3.6, 4.5, and 8 micron data.

The images are available from IRSA with a graphical and searchable interface. We also highly recommend using the IRSA image cutout service, which will allow you to upload coordinate tables and receive small image cutouts at every wavelength for each target.

The following table contains shortcuts to the IRSA image server. You should probably use the ATLAS links, since these are the least likely to break due to aging of the web structure.

Image Products
Field NameATLASIRACMIPSOpticalMini MosaicsTruecolor Previews
ELAIS-N1 link dir dir dir tarball tarball
ELAIS-N2 link dir dir dir tarball tarball
Lockman Hole link dir dir dir tarball tarball
XMM-LSS link dir dir notes tarball tarball
ELAIS-S1 link dir dir notes tarball tarball
CDFS link dir dir dir tarball tarball

Notes: XMM-LSS is part of the CFHT-Legacy Survey, and optical imaging data is available from them. Optical data for ELAIS-S1 is not currently available.


There are seperate catalogs for each SWIRE field, and four primary catalog types at this time.

  • A bandmerged catalog consisting of optical, IRAC, and MIPS-24 fluxes, associated with each other. This catalog has extremely high C&R (described in the data paper mentioned below). This catalog requires detections at 3.6 and 4.5 microns above specific SNR thresholds.
  • Three separate catalogs for 24, 70 and 160 microns. These catalogs are single-band only and are cut based only on the MIPS waveband in question.
The following table will direct you to ASCII versions of these catalogs (all in a single tarball located on Box), or in the case of the bandmerged catalogs to the GATOR interface. It is highly recommended that you make use of the IRSA/Gator interface for searching these catalogs, as they become available. In 2017 there are many Spitzer legacy programs, so you will need to scroll to near the bottom of the GATOR page.

Field Name Opt-IRAC-MIPS24 MIPS-Only
ELAIS-N1 GATOR tarball
ELAIS-N2 GATOR tarball
Lockman Hole GATOR tarball
ELAIS-S1 GATOR tarball
CDFS tarball tarball

Additional Ancillary Data


The primary document is the data release paper for DR2, which will soon be updated to include the last two fields of DR3.

There are also data release notes for DR2/3. These notes contain late-breaking information not included in the explanatory supplement, and are required reading.

Future Data Releases

It is unlikely (as of 2017) that any more data products will be formerly released. If you want to work with SWRE data and suspect we may have a data product you want but have not released, please contact us.

Note: The SWIRE Data Release 1 (Fall 2004) is now deprecated. Users should use Data Release 2/3, which includes a rerelease of all version 1 data. The Data Release 1 notes are found on the following web pages and contained important information, in particular in regards to known systematic errors in this catalog release.

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