The current release (Version 2) contains the full depth coadded survey data for the field. Many of these products are the same as or are similar to the first data release (DR1):
  • Full-depth coadded, mosaicked data for the IRAC instrument encompassing the entire Spitzer mission to-date at 3.6 and 4.5µm (2003-2019), and the entire cryogenic mission for 5.8 and 8µm (2003-2009). These differ from those described in Krick et al. (2009) in that Krick only used the first 2.5 years of cryogenic data for all bands. DR2 differs from DR1 by adding an additional two years of data.
  • Coadded, mosaiced data from the MIPS instrument at 24 and 70µm.
  • A coadded, mosaiced image of the HST/ACS F814 data.
  • Extremely deep coadded WISE data at 3.4, 4.6, 12, and 22µm.
  • The Palomar ugriJHK coadded optical and near-infrared data.
  • The Chandra ACIS-I data.
Entirely new for this release are
  • Epochal mid-infrared images for IRAC.
  • Epochal optical images taken with the Palomar 60-inch telescope.
  • Epochal images from the Palomar Transient Factory and Zwicky Transient Facility.