Data Release 1

Data Release 1 (DR1) contained the full depth coadded survey data for the field. This included:
  • Full-depth coadded, mosaicked data for the IRAC instrument encompassing the entire Spitzer mission to-dat at 3.6 and 4.5µm (2003-2017), and the entire cryogenic mission for 5.8 and 8µm (2003-2009). These differ from those described in Krick et al. (2009) in that Krick only used the first 2.5 years of cryogenic data for all bands.
  • Coadded, mosaiced data from the MIPS instrument at 24 and 70µm.
  • A coadded, mosaiced image of the HST/ACS F814 data.
  • The Palomar ugriJHK coadded optical data.
  • The Chandra ACIS-I data.

Future planned releases will include separate and band merged catalogs, as well as epochal images from IRAC along with time series catalogs.