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Variable Stars

Detection and characterisation of interesting exoplanet systems.


As seen on TV. (And heard on podcasts!)

NASA's Unexplained Files

I appeared in eight episodes across two seasons of the Discovery Science channel program 'NASA's Unexplained Files', talking about interesting planets discoveries. Click above for a short clip about Kepler-186f.

The Science Behind "The Expanse"

I joined the cast, writers and production crew of the Syfy show "The Expanse" in a live, recorded panel event at Caltech discussing some of the fantastic science behind the show.

"Under The Same Stars"

I sat down recently with writer and director Ali Alvarez, to be interviewed for her new upcoming documentary entitled "Under The Same Stars", about female astrophysicists in the US. The film is planned for release in 2018.

Surely You're Joking!

I joined Dr. Kevin Hickerson and his co-hosts Owen Benjamin and Griff Pippin for this episode of 'Surely You're Joking', a science and comedy podcast. We discuss the release of 1284 new planets from the Kepler mission


Dr. Carrie Nugent hosts this podcast, which gives an insider view into space exploration. On this episode, we discuss how to search for exoplanets, and how good a lemon, lime and bitters is.

Spacepod again!

I joined Dr. Carrie Nugent a second time on Spacepod to talk about the thrilling tale of discovery and characterisation of the triple-planet system, HD 3167. We also drink a preternaturally blue drink.

Press releases, news articles and quotes...

Here is some coverage of our announcement at AAS 231 of the discovery of K2-138.
2/8/18, AAS Afternoon Astronomy Coffee Hangout: 5 Alien Worlds: Planetary system around K2-138
1/15/18, Cosmos: Music of the spheres: chain of planets rotates at “perfect fifth” intervals
1/12/18, BBC News: Citizen science bags five-planet haul
1/12/18, Gizmodo: Star System With Five Rocky Planets Discovered by Amateur Astronomers
1/11/18, Caltech press release: Citizen Scientists Discover Five-Planet System

The astronomers behind System Sounds (particularly postdoc Matt Russo) have created a beautiful visual and aural experience of our new exoplanet system. It is SO COOL. Every time one of the planets passes between us and the star, it makes a note. The tone of the note (how high or low it is) is determined by the planet's orbital period. It sounds so pretty because of the cool chain of resonances that these planets are in! Have a listen!

Other articles and quotes:
8/8/17, Christian Science Monitor: Hunt for other worlds: 3,500 exoplanets and counting
6/11/17, HD 3167d: New Super-Earth Discovered around Nearby Star
4/18/17, USCS News: Planet hunting citizen scientists produce quick results for astronomers
3/1/17, Christian Science Monitor: Could the TRAPPIST-1 exoplanets harbor alien life?
10/3/16, New Scientist: Superfast spinning stars cause strangest weather in the universe
9/6/16, FiveThirtyEight: Why It's So Hard to Find the Next Earth, Even if You're Looking Right At It
7/6/16, How a Young Jupiter Acted as Both Protector and Destroyer
5/10/16, BBC News Hour: On Kepler's Discovery of 1284 New Planets
1/7/16, BBC Science News: Star clumps harbour 'sweet spot' in search for alien life


I love talking to the public about astronomy, our beautiful sky, and the exciting hunt for planets outside out solar system. I am so lucky that I get the opportunity! Here are some upcoming and recent events:

June: "Evening with the Pros" speaker, Society for Astronomical Sciences
March: Speaker, Riverside Astronomical Society
February: Guest speaker, Weekly Space Hangout

December: Panel speaker, Is the Earth Special?
December: Podcast guest, Surely You're Joking!
October: Caltech Astronomy presents Sidewalk Astronomy in Old Town Pasadena
August: Panel speaker, The Official Star Trek 2017 Convention
August: Telescope captain, Caltech Astronomy Lecture and Stargazing Party
July: Podcast guest, Spacepod
April: Speaker, Society for Astronomical Sciences
February: Speaker, Los Angeles Astronomical Society

October: Telescope captain, Caltech Astronomy Lecture and Stargazing Party
August: Speaker, Space Telescope Universe of Learning Science Briefing
August: Speaker, Caltech Astronomy Lecture and Stargazing Party
June: Speaker, Astronomy on Tap
June: Speaker, AAS 228 Student Education and Outreach Event
May: Podcast guest, Surely You're Joking!
April: Podcast guest, Spacepod

PS. The Caltech astronomy department puts on regular events - you should check them out!